A Little Bit Of A Do….Report by Gizmo

OC has really done it this time.  On Friday, Mum left to play with Granny, so Skye, Dad and I went off checking on stuff, clearing the workshop, spot of counting, spot of woofing, spot of wooding, bit of inconsequential digging, filling up our time busily, productively and most pleasurably as usual.  About one o’clock we went in for a coffee break and Dad put some wood on the fire……….all usual, all normal, health and safety checked, boxes ticked and then I put my clipboard and pencil behind the door and off we went again.  When we came home however, horror of horrors!  Poor OC had been shut inside the house, unable to amble through to the Sitouterie like she usually does as the outside door and the inside door were both closed!  What to do???  Well, I would have settled down to a nice nap by the fire, but not so our feisty chicken, oh no.  She says she clucked for Mum – having forgotten she was gone – and when that didn’t work she set off for a bit of an explore.  She sauntered apparently into the study, hopped up onto the desk and surveyed the neatly piled papers there and decided to do a spot of helpful filing.  I have told her again and again….she is not to even think about being helpful unless I am with her.  She just does not understand how unhelpful being helpful can be!

Well.  When we came home, she had just about driven herself crazy trying to put the papers in the right alphabetical order into the correct place – wherever she deemed that to be – and they had all fallen on the chair,  in the bin, and all over the floor.  She had obviously been irritated by the clock on the windowsill and in an effort to stop the ticking had knocked that off and stuck it firmly to the desk with a pooh.  That must have pleased her!  (Lucky the bottle of ink wasn’t ticking……) She was about to admit defeat, give up on the whole affair and put it all back in the tidy piles when we walked in.  Being nervous and expecting a lecture from me, she forgot herself completely, did a couple of defensive “it wasn’t me” type turns about the study and in her confusion she  did another pooh, glueing a whole heap of scattered paper together into a mucky heap.  Goodness it took some time for me to restore order!  Poor OC though.  She watches me and thinks it is all easy so she can do it too, bright bird that she is, but it takes talent is all I can say.    Well, now she knows doesn’t she.  I do wonder what she will have a go at next though….

Mum is home tomorrow so I must do a little restorative housework, around the cushions, chairs, beds and stuff.  Not a lot, but it must be checked, me and my trusty clipboard.  She won’t notice a thing.

I will be back later……..


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