June and into July…..

Blankets, inspecting the hay, roses, wild strawberries on the rockery, our lovely acer and a visit from a new friend.

At last the sun has come back.  It’s been a whole month, just after the departure of lovely OC since I had a moment to put pen to paper as it were.  There has been a whole load of guests to entertain, involving lots of walks and endless instruction and we’ve had lots of News.  We’ve had good News – such as the heart situation appears to have been resolved…..or at least it isn’t a permanent topic of incomprehensible conversation any more – and we’ve had sad News which is that Nana won’t be coming to visit any more – and we’ve had lots and lots of a thing called “cricket”, which seems to veer from splendid News to desperate News with no rational explanation offered.

As for me we haven’t really got up to much that has called for my clipboard though of course I have been managing like a demon.    We’ve been on the wood with a new electric chainsaw, which I quite prefer as it is quieter.  Oh and we have done the shearing!  Yes, that did take quite a lot of organisation.  We managed to find the sheets in time and get set up for our kind shearer Llewelyn, and only one sheep did a runner, causing all sorts of chaos before we managed to corner her, give her a good ticking off and shear her coat.  The rest were very well behaved and I congratulated them wholeheartedly in a little speech on returning them to the Crossing field.  They were very pleased to be naked in this heat – the lambs always make me laugh as their mums come through; delighted to hear them, then screech to a halt shouting “Mother!  What have you done to yourself?”  Naked sheep and baffled lambs……really funny but does not photograph well.

The sad News about dear Nana came back with the suitcases that left home for a few days.  It is such a shame.  I shall miss her.  She really loved me and was forever giving me choice bits from her dinner plate, and even brought me back doggie bags from restaurants. She always smelled so lovely and talked to me in baby talk – bit annoying as I CAN do big words, but easier on my brain than the heart problem talk.  Anyway, Nana has gone to a party in That Place with OC, Ginger, Jack and Hattie and our dearest beloved Bec.  I hope there is some party left when I get there…..if I decide to go of course.

Our kind neighbour Chris has cut five of our fields for hay.  He kindly came for a cup of coffee to allow me to get the information I need for my form, and was very forthcoming about who and when.  Most considerate I thought.  The fields look great, and he has turned it every day with the acrobat, planning to bale on Friday.  I think the hay will be ready on Thursday actually, but it is always a problem to get the baler to come exactly when you need him.  Trying to be helpful  I asked if he had thought of buying a baler himself then he can do it when he wants, but apparently the money thing is the equivalent of my whole life and more of dog food.  Perhaps not then.  There are some sacrifices that are quite beyond consideration – and he has five dogs.  The smell of hay making is gorgeous, and walking across the field in the evening for our last walk is magical.  I love love love it.

The veg garden was momentarily decorated with wet blankets from our friend Jane, which was different.  Something to do with getting rid of moths – the bats would do that for her I thought, but I didn’t suggest it as it is a kind of difficult conversation to have really, with someone who hangs upside down wrapped in his wings sleeping all day and gets busy at night when you can’t see him.  The potatoes and the beans in the veg garden are coming now and are super-delish.  I like that I get the leftovers.  Skye does not really do veg ……all the more for me.  Most satisfying.

The other exciting News is that Deputy Shepherd is set to return very soon now.  That will be nice – an alternative venue for breakfast……, always most welcome.  Meg has been with us for ages now – they must have been big suitcases.  Mind you she is always welcome.  Finally she has got her head round coming for a walk with us.  She loves the hay!  Yesterday she found a stick, buried it in the hay and then made great snoofling show of finding it again!  Great fun.  I didn’t play though as I did not quite understand the rules.

I can smell the barbecue so as it is a most dangerous thing to be doing, I must go and keep a wary eye.  This has been a very long and rather weary sounding catch up – sorry.  Next one will be better.         Giz 🐾🐾🐾🐾


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