Some wonderful portraits of interest….

Aren’t these just great?  They are all of ME!!  Our friend Meg (who is staying with us just now as her people are doing the suitcase thing) anyway, Meg has a Person Who is just brilliant at making portraits, and here is a sample of what she has done for me.  I love them so much.  There is ME on the porch of the shepherds hut;  then OC in a panic tidying the desk; then ME checking out the hole in the fence;  then the day the mouse jumped over my head while I was checking the cupboards for it……Mum never saw it either;  then ME on my tractor taking a little break from my clipboard and finally ME in my bath towel.  Aren’t we all so lucky that I know such a splendid artiste so we can all appreciate how pretty I am?

I have lots to say suddenly, and it has taken time admiring these, so I will go off and bark at the annoying blankets hanging on the gates for a minute before settling down to tell you all……..bye for now, Gizmo.


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