Update on OC and Easter……and more by Gizmo



Sheep sheltering from the sun:   Please share your sandwich:   Fencing in the oakwoods:   Strange flower:    I know someone lives in there, but I can’t reach him or perhaps he is out:   Baby thrush.



These past few weeks have been frantic – so much so that I have hardly had a moment to gather my thoughts let alone put them down for general perusal…..

OC did her “I’m actually dying this time” thing again….so much so that I was worried that this really was it, but then after 4 anxious days we decided to give her some penicillin……next question, how much?……if you give 4cc to a sheep how much do you give to a very skinny chicken?  In the end after mammoth calculations, we just gave her a tiny bit, and the result has been amazing!  She spent a whole week living in the sitouterie with some hay in my tin bath as her bed, being let out during the day to limp carefully about the garden.  Now she is great and has been ejected, spending last night back under her bush and looking so much her usual self, it is a huge relief.  Good old penicillin, eh.

Then while that was going on we had a visit from the Town Terrier, whose stay as usual set us all on end…….not that she means to, but frankly with so many other things to keep an eye on it is a great relief to both me and Skye when she goes.  This time we had a dear older collie come to stay too, with her family, and she was lovely, a quiet calm lady, gentle and sorted.  She felt no need to intervene, nothing to prove, no race to win and just came along for interest in the ride.  Just the job.  Once I had explained carefully she provided an excellent backstop while moving strangers.  And she was calm during the overseeing of the fencing.

Then there was the birds…….the swallows arrived Monday last week, the cuckoo arrived on Saturday this week, and a baby thrush fell out of its nest on Sunday.  Gosh, what a palaver.  Every effort was made to return it to its family home, but it kept doing wild kamikaze leaps for freedom, until we left it for its mum to find to feed on the ground, which to be fair she did.  Hope it survives……..Paul muttered about Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory which I didn’t completely understand.  I’d have thought you’d have to be jolly fit to jump out of your nest and toddle along the grass, but perhaps he meant something else.  The birds are on the whole terribly busy, singing, knocking (woodie), building nests or feeding young, ripping through the birdseed I have to say.   Jolly hard work being a bird parent.

Our flock appears to have done with lambing and we have been able to move them off down the end of the farm.  While in the crossing, half way down, the little ones invented a very entertaining game by going out under one gate and then racing around on the road, causing chaos, getting under everyone’s feet and trying to get back through another gate under which there was patently no room.  They thought it great fun, but after a few goes, I failed to find it amusing, and wasted no time in calling in their fond mamas for a stern talk.  Down in the fields at the end of the farm there are a thousand different games to invent and I hope I managed to give them a few ideas about safe ones to play, if they were listening…..which I admit I doubt……but then one can but try.  I go down most days to check, and nothing has gone too far wrong……as yet……

And then there was a mystery flower.  Photos were dispatched far and wide and nobody knew what it could be lurking down at the edge of the oak wood by the Wonky Gate.  Many ideas were forthcoming but finally Dep Shep found one in a garden centre while out with her Mum, but that raises even more questions – how on earth did it get there?  We obviously need to set up a motion camera like the one we used to film the Great White Cat, the Squirrel Stealer, to see if we can spot the random bulb planter……..good.  I like being a detective, though Skye cannot sit quiet for a single heartbeat, and I don’t like doing it alone.  Set up the camera, go home and watch the film , I say…

So now we are back to just us and the world has quietened down a little.  I like it as it gives us time to draw breath, wash the sheets, clear the larder which results in incredibly interesting dinners, and to sort out the Health and Safety forms that I have neglected somewhat.  The sun shone all over Easter but it is taking a little rest today and the plants in the garden are enjoying a sprinkling of God’s water which is just what they need.  The veg garden is greening up and Dad’s Wood is carpeted in bluebells which are just glorious.  What a year for flowers so far!  I thought we had yet another problem to deal with a couple of weeks ago when I saw smoke pouring from the big pine tree in the garden…….goodness, I thought, how can this be?  I went over for a closer look and blow me down, my nose began to run, and I sneezed and sneezed!  It was pollen blowing off the little cones!  What a strange sight.

I will try to dig out some pictures of interest, and I will get this posted for all you who are demanding to know what is going on……………..in haste and with hugs from here, G 🐾🐾


2 thoughts on “Update on OC and Easter……and more by Gizmo

  1. So good to be back in the picture , as it were. I am glad that you are not too warn out after all the various “holp” You got. I was glad to hear that the penicillin helped OC I hope she is still OK

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