From under the Christmas tree in the veg garden……by Giz


Random tulips (or perhaps not so random.  I just didn’t know they were there):  Skye catching sticks in the brook: a particularly fetching and strange daffodil: cooling my feet: Mrs GBTL with her new son: proud of our new raised veg bed – note coloured balls to stop the gardener poking his eye out again……

What absolutely glorious weather!  It suits everyone so well, what with lambs arriving and leaves busting out and lots of blossom, especially on the dying plum tree that is absolutely covered in busy bees!  And the birdsong!!  The noise is amazing.  I keep catching the dunnocks displaying in the tree by the front door and the blue tits are having a real old orgy at the far end of the rockery.  Today looking across the field I could see a long neck with a small head weaving at speed down through the tussocks in desperate haste to get away from another one hurtling down behind, and then two male pheasants broke cover at terrific speed, the resident in No 1 I guess in hot pursuit of an interloper!  No blood was shed though and peace was eventually restored.

I love to see it all coming along, and truly I am not one to complain but my feet are itching something chronic just now.  Drives me crazy…………but there we are.  There are worse things I expect………though I can’t for the life of me think what.  Oh, yes I can.  Imagine the headache Mr Woodpecker has after a morning’s drumming – my word……I bet he can hardly hold a conversation for a while after!  That might just be worse

Last night poor Mrs Great Big Texel Lady had a huge problem, so I sat and hummed to her at the top end while she was dealt with at the other end.  All did not go well, but I am delighted to announce that today she has been convinced to adopt the dearest little chap, though I am not quite clear where he came from.  I had to dig out the adoption procedures, which are actually quite complicated.  I had forgotten.  We had a long discussion, Mrs GBTL and me, and I had chewed through two pencils by the time we had everything sorted.  He didn’t like his coat, but she did, and when I whispered to him that it was a magic coat which meant he could win a permanent place at the milk bar, he agreed to wear it.  She seems happy with the deal so now the coat is off again, so hopefully all is good.

So we now have twins up to the number 7 and a plethora of singles, and a couple of endlessly noisy Mamas which are really annoying.  They keep parking their babies in the shade under this tree or that and then cannot remember where they are…..and they are asleep so the noise just goes on and on until they wake up.  There must be a better system, but I’ve not quite thought of it yet.

Dear Dep Shep, who is coming soon, sent me a most interesting article on the difference between a Fox Terrier and a Welsh Terrier, all apropos a discussion we have been having.  I sat down with OC and we looked at pictures, drew lines, took measurements and studied family trees and genetics and stuff,  and finally She announced that most definitely my lineage is that of Fox Terrier born in the great Principality of Wales, which by any other name makes me a Welsh Fox Terrier.  I absolutely agree and since this is what I have always maintained, I am happy with this conclusion.  Which reminds me, what about the RUGBY!!!!  Skye and I were bouncing around here, surrounded as we were by other supporters, and we all felt rather guilty about so enjoying the England Scotland match……….well, only a little bit guilty if I am honest. What a match though.  So exciting.  As for our boys, bring on the All Blacks I say!!!  Yes.  Better dust off my Hakka.

Right.  We have been in the veg garden today and my feet are itching as well as tingling from standing on baby nettles.  I enjoyed sitting under the Christmas Tree that came from Jane years ago, watching everything, managing by observation – rather entertaining actually.  Every veg garden should have a Christmas Tree I think.  However, now I feel in need of a cool foot bath and some calming unguent.  Not too sure how that comes but it must be better than this……..

Back soon, when I have more to report……..and thank you for the feedback!



One thought on “From under the Christmas tree in the veg garden……by Giz

  1. Thank you giz, for putting me in the picture again. It is good to know that the old wheels are continuing to tan. I am sorry about you feet, Perhaps Mum mould buy you some boots. !!!??? I hope your beauty willll Bit better anyway. Mine is better T G Bye for now. Lots of love. Lis or Torty or Mum or whatever you call me. Probably Wuff or the like.xx

    U t

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