Spring…….at last

Argh!  There has been so much comings and goings over this past week that I hardly know where to start!  

First to say, OC who is still my favourite hen, continues to improve and appears to travel through the kitchen five times a day on her way to the rockery to harass the pheasants.  Why she can’t work out that she ends up there going round the house the other way I don’t know.  Broken internal compass I reckon.  Still.  Always nice to chat.

The weather has been quite shocking, with these winds that seriously deranged ones hair.  Branches down everywhere, and all the daffodils fallen over……though that at least means they can come into the house so we can enjoy them without getting wet.  However, the last couple of days have been lovely, mild and springlike, so the gentle version of lambing has been rocking along quite nicely.  Twins No 1 were entertaining me by running round and round the telegraph poles in their field!  I was so overcome by watching that I sat on the bench by the pottery and barked and barked – which is the best I can do in the clapping department.  They seem to have enjoyed the encouragement and we played like this for quite some minutes.  Then Skye came to see what was going on, so they stopped.  She can be so strict.  Anyway, we now have quite a few sets of twins and a couple of singles too so my clipboard has been hot from use, and I am quite worn out with giving the new-mother lecture I have devised.  Seems to be working okay though.

People continue to come and go, some commenting on my stoutness which I find very impertinent.  I am a fine figure of a Fox Terrier, so I am.  Actually, I had a moment of supreme excitement when Skye spotted something in our food bags, so I pounced!  A naughty little mouse jumped up and before I could whip round, had run up my nose, jumped off my shoulder and dashed through a hole under the door!  I was so pumped up I spent a happy time making absolutely sure there wasn’t another one requiring my attention.  Now that was fun!

So apart from that we’ve just been busy with the usual…..guests and more guests, some suitcasing – returning smelling of sea, birthday cake and laughter (don’t know why we weren’t invited again ……it is all work for some) – constant checking on the weatherproofness of the shepherds hut – bit disappointing  actually but the magnificent wood burner dries it up really fast.  Spot of wooding with Mighty Atom, lots of chasing stranger sheep and fence mending, bit of stone collecting and wall building round the raised bed in the veg garden…..looks good actually.  Hope we grow more maize as I love buttery barbecued corn cobs.

Oh my goodness, another one.  I must grab my lecture and go…….but I will be back……


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