So much for Not Lambing

Well, now, here’s a thing.  The Storm family seem to have moved in with their attending winds and rain, hail and freezing chill.  And then suddenly….a pair of twins in the field!!  What the………is what I thought.  I tucked my pencil behind my ear and hurried up to interview whoever it was that had been brought in.

It was Maahry.  I said I thought we had a deal this year……open farm, no shut gates and no lambing.  She looked very sheepish but I was having none of that.  “Come on, what happened?”

She said that back in October a few of them had been sitting about drinking coffee and discussing the new rules of Sheepie-see, Sheepie-do when they were joined by a devilishly handsome looking chap from off the hill.  He was so very charming and told such hilarious tales that they really enjoyed his company!  

I sighed.  “Who was there?” I asked.  She listed them.  Hungry Maargaret , Saaarah, Baaarbarah, Saandrah, Maartha and Midge.  She said his name was Gaabriel, but he was certainly no angel in my estimation.  So I reckon we have a possible lambing of 1^8.  But who knows where else he wandered, eh?  Heigh ho.  Another thing to worry about.  I gave Maary another of my stern lectures and went home to make a list.

Talking about worry…….OC.  My word did she give us a turn.  She sat and muttered, looking miserable, comb drooped, feathers in disarray for about five days.  I confess to being momentarily put out when she moved into my bed in the parlour….but then I thought “she’s not well, don’t be mean”.   We cared and worried, carried her about, massaged her crop gently, went out at night with a torch to collect her if she had not quite managed to walk home and when even my humming did not seem to cheer her up, I prepared myself for the worst.   She just mumbled “oh dear, oh dear me” and looked sad.  Then suddenly, five days on, there she was on the doorstep in the morning demanding entry, and she strutted past me without a word!  I was so glad to see her cheered up that I didn’t comment at the time, and she is eating and drinking, and has moved back under her bush by the front door!  Excellent!!  I have my friend and right hand hen back.  Don’t know how long this will last as she is rather an elderly lady now, but right here and now is what matters and right here is where she is.  Good.

Better get out to the girls again.  It has been snowing today though it did not settle.  Just the time they would choose to come over all unnecessary if you ask me.  Yesterday a barn owl – I think it was – took a look at the owl box at the end of the pottery.  Now that would be amazing!


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