Post holiday action…….well, a bit of…

E2102EA9-91FF-4D19-AB9E-FB2AC378B9E2Not being one to dwell on the vicissitudes of the past, this weekend has finally been one that I can report on.  I will just say that I think nothing of people who go away for two weeks, and then take to their beds for another week when they get home.  No.  It was not right……although they did leave Skye and me with dear dear friends who shined up most satisfactorily under my careful instruction.  They took us for lovely long walks, fed us beautifully and even let me sit at the table in the pub so I could see.  Most accommodating. However, I could find nothing in my Health and Safety booklet to cover this staying in bed thing but it was patently obviously a health issue, even I could tell that, but no instructions could I find.  It was annoying and frustrating in equal measure.  It also meant that I sulked to no effect as they barely raised their heads to notice.  I don’t think that is fair either….I did get myself into a bit of a fix, and I confess it probably was my own fault.  I went mousing and forgot to fill out a chit to tell them.  The door to the stable shut on me, and I was stuck in there for AGES before they noticed my absence.  Huh.  Such gratitude.

Anyhow, as I say these past few days have been excellent.  I have been overseeing the building of a raised bed in the veg garden……I so love helping with the digging!  They do spend a lot of time digging in the wrong places, so I expend a lot of energy pointing out better places – usually I  get roared at, but I know this is due to the fact that they know perfectly well  I am correct which is an inconvenient truth once they are part way through the project.    While we were occupied, it was noticed that we had another sheep incursion into the Crossing, (one of my favourite fields), ………..again……fourth time in as many days!  So we decided fencing was the more immediately essential job, packed up the digging, roused the troops, loaded up Yellow Tractor (aka The Mighty Atom, on account of him being little but very strong) and off we went.  Took a while but I was happy playing in the stream and being helpful pointing out places of weakness that had been missed by popping through from one field to the other.  After all that being busy in the stream,  I would have thought I would be sparkling clean – but not so apparently, so have just had yet another bath.  What is it with all this cleanness?  I like a good earthy smell, means you’ve been busy I’d have thought.

Oh, and also have been doing a spot of managing in the shepherds hut.  One wood burner has been tried and rejected, another one arranged for, roof is now finished except for the skylight, ….unfortunately we managed to pull over the workbench with the tractor and had to spend time into the dusk this evening putting it back up again.  That tested my H&S, everything being so round and rolley and heavy.  We had to use cant hooks for leverage, the back box for lifting, and we could really have used the muscles of the Nicety of Nieces, or the deputy shepherd……………..or even a random walker, but nobody turned up.  I wasn’t much use either as I had my work cut out not getting squashed, and taking care OC and Skye didn’t either. All jolly exhausting………but I must confess, I am pleased all our holidays are over and I  am so happy that my life is back to normal.

Very tired so off for a snooze.  I will be back when there is more spring news to report.

P.S.  today no sheep incursion, so I think we may have managed the fencing perfectly.



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