An infill erstwhile report by Gizmo


I hate suitcases.  I am just back from having a growl at one that has appeared on the bedroom floor.  I have tried it for size, and empty it is too big, and full there is no room……patently I am not invited.   I keep catching soft, behind the hand chats with words I don’t completely comprehend,  like planes, seat numbers, hotels and such.  I am considering my reactions and putting time aside to concoct punishments, sulks and bad behaviour to be meted out later… After such a successful sojourn at Christmas, I find myself quite put out, I must say.

However, looking on the bright side, I am breaking in a new dog-lap with great success.  He seems splendid, and appreciates my spikey feet on his thighs, but obviously I will have to keep a carefully judicious and vigilant eye.  He came with a dog of his own, but I will soon have her trained….she has great potential, I feel, and it will be nice to shed the status of only-dog for a while.  Her lessons so far today have quite worn us both out……(see pic)

Good news on the Skye front…..her stitches came out today though she still has to be kept calm………honestly, only somebody that didn’t know her could suggest such a course of action…..but I suppose I will have to try.  More humming perhaps.

 I am sorry to say that reports will have to be put into the pending file for a couple of weeks as my time will be terribly taken up with human-training, spare-dog-training and extreme vigilance.   Even though OC has offered to help me with the Health and Safety forms, I expect to be burning candles well into the night just to keep up with it, with no time or energy to journalise it all.  How I am to explain it all to The Flock I am not quite sure.    I trust there will be no panic in the ranks and a rush to get stuck in fences just to test me…….

Right.  So there we are.  I am signing off now, preparing to be very very busy,  but I  will be back…………..Gizmo the Blog Dog.      OxO

P.S.  The pictures are a wonderful picture of me:  our New Years Day walk and Rose and me exhausted this afternoon.



One thought on “An infill erstwhile report by Gizmo

  1. A message from your pal Rose,
    I’m so pleased you have now accepted that I’m here to share Your Magic Valley for a few weeks, lily has now joined us, so we are a Pack of Four.
    I love to run the hills with sky, have a rough and tumble with you…but it is great having my soul mate to show around your beautiful home….
    I’m your missing your Master & Ma, but hopefully my company is making up for their absence..
    Will sign out now as Mum needs help getting wood in for the fire.🐾🌹🐾


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