A terrible happening, report by Giz

A Disaster!  Goodness me, poor Skye.

I sort of know how it happened and I blame myself absolutely.  However, in my own defence, I can’t actually be everywhere at one time, and I was battling to get my holiday head off – it didn’t want to go back in the box – and I was trying to replace my Health and Safety head and find my trusty clipboard and pencil, all while politely listening to OC’s endless carefully prepared report on the nothing that had happened during my absence over Christmas, …..when it happened.

Suddenly there was a yelp, and I looked up to see Skye limping towards the workshop.  Horrors!  What on earth had happened??  Well, what had happened was that she had torn a chunk off her leg, that is what had happened.  I could not believe it – and to be fair, neither could she!  

I grabbed my clipboard and immediately rushed off to see what terrible hazard I had not noticed…..nothing!  I could see absolutely nothing!  Horrors anew…….what other blizzards and hazards lurked unseen and how was I to check them into the boxes on the form?  Rushed back to Skye….Immediate evacuation, in the car and off to A&E.  I was so flummoxed that i didn’t manage to get myself together to jump into the car to help.  I paced up and down on the terrace with OC, both of us alternately worrying and conjecturing, and rushing about the field trying to see what had happened.  My Health and Safety attempts had let me down.  I simply could not see it.  I will have to write a report to Mr Scott the Scot and shamefacedly admit that there is a danger I cannot find so do not have a box for.  That is not how it should be.  It is all very lowering.

That evening she came home…….15 stitches, into the Cone of Shame, shut up in our cosy bedroom in the back hall ‘quiet and warm’ for 10 days.  

I am beside myself.  Apart from making up nice hums for her, I don’t know how to help.  She is so sad, and I am running myself exhausted trying to make up for two dogs.  I sleep very hard at the top of the stairs, keeping an eye on everything, preparing to run in and keep Dad company if he needs me……………gosh I hope she gets better quickly.  This is rather a lot for just a little person.  But.  I must be brave.  I am needed and I am strong and up to the task.  I won’t let Skye down………..but I do miss her……terribly much more than I ever thought I would.  That is very lowering too……keeping cheerful for us all is hard.

I must to bed.  Be back soon with another update……hopefully with better news.



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