Numbering and stuff – explanatory report from Gizmo

A good portrait of me, myself and I taking charge and one of my favourite pictures of my sheep a few years ago coming down from Cwm Benji.


I have been working on my numbering.  I gather that Bears with Lesser Brains than me are struggling to comprehend exactly how many walkers and sheep for example I have.

So.  As the sheep go through the gate, I sit there and count thus:


Another One.

Another One……….and so on until the very last sheep goes through the gate.  Now you might think this is simple.  Well, I can say that it takes quite an amazing amount of concentration not to get put off by thoughts such as “oh dear, she could do with a drench” or “she is looking a bit skinny” or “she appears to be limping” quite apart from greeting special favourites by name which can throw me quite off course and make me quite worried that I need to begin all over again ……when I know perfectly well that cannot be done, because the sheep get fed up with being counted.

So, when everyone is through, it is with relief that I can announce the result:  One.  Indisputably One.

This also means I can count them all in the new field when they have settled down and stopped milling about aimlessly, to ensure that my result is correct and once again I get the same answer:  One.  Indisputably One.


However, it has been drawn to my attention that there is the splendid expression in sums “to the power of”.   I like the idea of “power of” so I think it may be that I should include this wonderful expression in my counting.  I have conferred with The Great God Google but he didn’t half confuse me, though I think from his explanation, he is pretty confused himself.    How this can be of any benefit to Bears with Lesser Brains I don’t know, but I am perfectly happy to say that I have One to the power of 32 sheep if it will help, which equals One, just as I thought..  That would make the people I am in charge of One to the power of 2, (though this might vary of course) and chickens I am in charge of as One to the power of 1.  Therefore the walkers who come through the yard would be One to the power of ?, depending on the weather.

The sign for “to the power of” by the way, to my delight is a little pointy hat!   ^ Thus!!  And it is called a “caret” and I like them.   Who knew sums could be so much fun?

So, to sum up (Nice one Giz!) 1^32 stands neatly for the first figure (1) multiplied by itself 32 times.  Which makes 1.  As I said.

I do hope this makes it all clear.  It will take a bit of practise I expect, but I can do that while I am jogging along being slim and fast and bouncy……..if I manage to be determined enough to  disregard distractions, as I get bored if I have to keep starting again.

Off wooding now………..Be back soon………..


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