A thoughtful ponder…..that ended well. From Giz as well….

I don’t know how to be a mum.

I don’t know how to be a dad.

I don’t know how to be a good person, but often I do know how to help.  I was thinking about this today.  I know when somebody I love is feeling lost or hurt or cross or maybe just blue for no reason, and I know just what to do.  Being a terrier, I can be deeply annoying and that sometimes works.  I can be a real worry, and sometimes that works.   But mostly what works is just being there and being interested….by sitting on a lap with spikey pointy feet and a slightly stinky coat, by smiling lovingly, ( particularly easy if there is a biscuit on hand to share),  and then maybe with a leap I might suggest a walk and they say “oh Gizzie, what a splendid idea!” And everyone comes back happier after a walk.

  The other night we walked down to the pub in the dark by the light of the moon…it was such a good plan.  We all loved it so much, and I smelled out the way absolutely perfectly, nobody fell in the hedge and we avoided the sheep pooh and the muddy puddles, and even the nettles and I was so very proud!   Skye and I waited in the car while they chatted and when we all came home we were all so happy and weary, and we all slept well.

What can be better than that?  Clever old me and my ideas.

Back later….


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