Management Notice: Subject – shepherds hut, report by Giz

9F039BF2-4418-4936-A2C4-615CB4EB4CA175741E2E-4106-4F0D-8DC7-5C99790055F713496868-D30A-4817-9633-CD9B15DB325670B0089E-AB27-4F50-ACE0-225E3DD7EE82Well it has been really cold this week, and although I actually quite like it, it is obviously harder to work on the roof of the hut for any length of time.  Wish I could help, but I’m not awfully good on ladders.  So the strange jigsaw pieces of wadding stuff have been glued on…such a fuss, cover pulled off,  lots of cutting and discussing and then the cover pulled back over, then pulled back again and more fussing and glueing.  If I could have managed the ladder it would have been done in half the time.

Also  I am horrified to report that OC was caught checking out the inside!  I have a feeling – and Skye agrees – that she might be making a move to join us in there when it is officially designated as a kennel…..and we are not having that!  She wiffles  and clucks, and wakes up really early – Ginger (RIP) told me so.  So we might have to slow takeover plans for the moment to put her off.  She has moved out of her own house, and goodness knows where she sleeps now……….tried to find her,but can’t.  Good luck I say – but not in the shepherds hut.  She seems to have made friends with a lady pheasant which will be nice for her seeing as she seems a little lonely these days.

i am delighted to report that the diet seems to be working!  I actually overtook Skye going down the road yesterday, running really really fast!  I looked at her as I went by just in case she was being kind and encouraging, but I don’t think so.  She looked to me as if she was really going for it – but she is a nice friend if she was holding back.  I felt great and sauntered home in a very bouncy manner……if being slimmer makes me faster I don’t mind so much…..and the Cook noticed, so there is hope for supper in the future.

must go now – rugby calls and the South Africans are a strong team.  I don’t think we have either Halfpenny nor Dan Biggar playing so I must go and help…..

Later……very satisfactory result!  Springboks well beaten in a good game.  A little too much chatting off the ball I thought, but they are young and trying so very hard so perhaps we can overlook it this time.

Well.  Tomorrow is another day…..I will be back.


One thought on “Management Notice: Subject – shepherds hut, report by Giz

  1. I see you have not been wasting your time.,,!!your busy Mum has been working really hard here. All my Christmas stuff has been done and all I have to do is remember to see that it gets delivered. My poor chum Sally came in this morning. She really looked pretty washed out. Her op. On her back has removed the stuffing out of her, ad she is in quite a bit of pain. I have offered her help but she does not want any yet but is bearing it in mind. Xxxxxxxxxx. Run out of space apparently. Bye fo now. Xxxxxxx


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